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Skill development in healthcare profession is very essential to become a contributing  member for the society or human kind.

Doctors ,Nurses and Paramedics are the three sub systems of healthcare system . We, tech2people finishing school, offer end -to- end skill,knowledge and attitude  development measures  for all kinds of health care professionals.

Objective of the programme is to overall development of  a health care professional in all the dimensions of care or cure measures.

Initiatives under this vertical

 1. Basic skill development course  for nurses

2. Advanced skill development course for nurses

3. Course on bio medical equipment management.

4. Infection control

5. ABG Analysis

6. ICU management for nurses

7. OT Management for nurses

8. Ventillator care for nurses

9. Emergency Managment

10. ECG interpretation course

For Doctors

 1. Clinical pharmacology management.

2.Difficult Airway Management

3. ECG Course

4. Advanced skill development .

For institutions

 1. Staff training for any of the above course and

2. Health care communication skills

3. Orientation for nurses or doctors

4. Quality management courses

5. Emergency Management courses.

6.Training of Nursing care assistants