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AHA Courses

BLS/ACLS Provider course are meant for enhancing survival rate of patients by improving quality of care provided to the victim of a cardiac arrest.

Successful completion of the course, every candidate will get American Heart Association certification. Classes are handled by American Heart Association instructors and this course is essential for Nurses who are working in India and planning to go abroad, Doctors, paramedics, and other healthcare workers.

Basic Life Support (BLS) : Teaches a person to do initial assessment and resuscitation of a victim in cardiac arrest. Duration of the workshop is 8 hours for any kind of providers including doctors, nurses, firemen, emergency medical technicians etc.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support(ACLS) is a 2 day workshop that focus on medical professionals for advanced resuscitation  techniques in cardiac arrest. These include skills like

  1. Airway management
  2. Drugs like adrenaline and atropine
  3. Use of defibrillators and trans –cutaneous pacing
  4. Identification of rhythms and management
  5. Video based training
  6. Skill stations
  7. Scenario based teaching